MALA Charity
NFT Collection

222 exclusive 3D Ramadan NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the MALA NFT collection?

222 3D NFTs consisting of 11 unique symbols, which are digital keepsakes to be donated for a charitable cause.

What is the MALA NFT collection?
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  • Launch world's first Ramadan NFT for charity- utilizing cryptocurrency and philanthropy for social good.
  • Bridge traditional art and history with the ever-expanding Metaverse to ensure education for generations to come.  
  • Proceeds of MALA NFT Ramadan Platinum collection will support MALA’s Scholarship Program and Community Iftars
  • Educate, create, and inspire innovation globally through NFTs and their positive role in social impact
  • Tune in for future drops, charity donations, and opportunities.

For our community

Each NFT is created as a digital store of value. Donors will own a philanthropic keepsake, reminding them of the true meaning of helping others. The owner of the NFT will be recognized as a MALA Platinum Member and will have first access to future NFT collaborations.

Future Plans

MALA plans on supporting the community throughout the web3 and NFT space. To stay up to date with MALA's progress and achievements join our discord.

How do I buy a MALA NFT?

Connect or Create your Crypto Wallet

You can connect your existing crypto wallet or metamask wallet or create a new crypto wallet with us in simple few steps on mint date.

Download MetaMask

Click Mint

After you connect or create your wallet, you'll need to mint NFT. You can only mint NFTs on the mint date and can mint up to 5 NFTs altogether.

Add the contact address & View your NFT on Opensea

After minting your NFT and entering your contact information, you'll need to view it on opensea for more information.

View OpenSea

Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday March 12, 2022, 6PM PST

When is the mint date?

0.09 ETH

What is the mint price?

1-5 Ramadan NFT per transaction

Is there a limit to how many
can be bought?

A one-of-a-kind limited edition NFT celebrating Ramadan and Muslim culture.

What exactly will I get?

100% of donations will go to MALA and its cause.

How is this benefiting

Ramadan is a holiday where families and friends come together, funds gained from your donations will go to this cause.

How is this benefiting the
Muslim community?

The simplest way to purchase Ethereum is through Metamask. Once you have your wallet and profile set up, click Buy. From there you will be presented with a couple options, choose Wyre and follow the instructions provided by Wyre.
Alternative ways to buy ETH would be through other CEX, which stands for Centralized Exchange. The top CEXs to purchase ETH from are "Binance", "FTX", "Coinbase Exchange", "KuCoin" and "Huobi Global".

How do I purchase ETH?

Technically yes, but you would need to exchange the money to ETH.

Can I buy an NFT with

"Gas" is often referred to as the cost of performing a transaction on the Ethereum network.

What is a gas fee?

The price of gas will vary depending on the current computational effort required to execute specific operations on the Ethereum network. For example, if a very popular project is minting, the gas fee will be higher as there is a lot of traffic on the Ethereum network at that time.

What is a high/low gas fee?

Yes, our Ramadan NFT will be available to purchase on our website : , accessible to anyone in the world with an internet connection.

Are the NFTs available globally?

You can find an educational video on how you can do this here :

How can I see the NFT in my

NFT is an abbreviation that stands for "Non-Fungible Token". An NFT exists on a blockchain and is entirely unique with its very own metadata and identification codes that separate one from another. Each NFT can have its own value unlike regular crypto currencies which are identical and can be used as a medium for regular transactions. NFTs, explained:

What is an NFT?

A blockchain is a platform where information is recorded and tracked that makes it nearly impossible to hack or cheat the system. When you make a purchase, a transaction fee referred to as "Gas" is required which allows your transaction to be processed through the blockchain.

What is a Blockchain?

There are two ways to obtain an NFT, the first is minting one and the second is purchasing an NFT from a secondary market. Minting an NFT will create an NFT on the Blockchain and the cost to mint is generally a fixed price. On the other hand, by purchasing an NFT from a secondary market, you will be buying an NFT that has already been minted and the cost can be higher or lower than the mint price depending on how the market evaluates the value of the NFT.

How do I buy one?

While we suggest using Metamask, you can choose between any wallet of your preference.

Which wallet should I use?

Metamask is a browser extension which serves as your wallet for ETH, it allows you to buy ETH and make transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What is Metamask?

Download and download the extension and follow the instructions provided by MetaMask.

How do I set up a wallet?

OpenSea is the largest and most popular marketplace built on the Ethereum Blockchain where users can buy and sell NFTs.

What is OpenSea?

Download and download the extension and follow the instructions provided by MetaMask.

OpenSea Security

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin and can be used to transact on the ethereum network.

What is ETH (Ethereum)?

To sell an NFT on OpenSea, open up your OpenSea profile and then select the NFT you would like to sell. Press the Sell button, then select the option Fixed Price and fill out the price and duration you would like to sell for. Alternatively you could put your NFT up for auction and allow people to bid for it. The first time you sell an NFT, there will be two one time fees you will be required to pay, so keep this in mind when deciding to sell your NFTs.

Can I sell my NFT?

Yes, 10% - all royalties will go to MALA.

Will there be any royalties on

Majority of the NFT market space uses ETH as their form of currency, the most common marketplace NFTs are traded is OpenSea. Once you have your profile setup and wallet connected to OpenSea, you can purchase an NFT from any collection you like granted you have the required funds.

How do I buy an NFT on Secondary Market?

Yes, you can still purchase in the secondary market via platforms such as OpenSea. This is the correct URL to our collection on OpenSea

I missed the Minting can I still purchase a Ramadan NFT?

Unfortunately there are people out there who are looking to do you wrong and potentially scam or steal your information so making sure your security is up to date is a must.

How to protect yourself and stay secure.

Questions? Contact us.